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VicRoads Cranbourne

VicRoads Cranbourne is one of the new Licence Testing Centres. As due to COVID-19, the licence testing was suspended in Victoria. VicRoads Cranbourne is one of the lately opened site to deliver additional appointments for licence testing. VicRoads Cranbourne can provide licence testing by prior appointment only. It is not a regular customer service centre. Moreover Clients with the suspended appointments are given the priority to REBOOK their drive test. 


1060 Thompsons Road


NOTE: You have to enter through the United Petrol Station and follow the signs to go around the whole building to the drive test bays (Yellow Markings), which is at the Rear of the building.

The nearest train station is Merinda Park Station (Cranbourne Line)

Drive Test on VicRoads Cranbourne Drive Test Routes

Our school assist you to provide training and pre-exposure of the various manoeuvres at actual Drive Test Routes of VicRoads Cranbourne. It helps to make your aware of the challenges which could come on your way during the real drive test day. We provide you assessment of your current driving practices. If required, we try to improve and guide you towards the path of achieving our mutual goal, which is getting your Driving Licence. You can make book your appointment by calling 0404 481 065

Drive Test Stages

Drive Test involves 2 stages:

Stage 1: It involves pretty simple driving tasks. It is conducted in low risk environment.

Duration: 10 mins

After the end of stage 1, Licence testing officers asks you to find a safe place and pull over to the kerb. They calculate the scores for stage 1. If you are successful, only then you can progress to stage 2 

Stage 2: It includes more challenging tasks. It is conducted in busy traffic atmosphere.

Duration: 20 mins

Pre-Drive Safety Check

At VicRoads Cranbourne, you need to perform Pre-Drive check before actual driving. It is to check your knowledge about vital controls of the vehicle. You are required to identify following controls:


Brake Lights

Hazard (Emergency) Lights


Washer and Wipers



Front Demister

Rear Demister

Task Assessment

It is to assess one facet of driving during a certain driving task at certain location on the VicRoads Cranbourne Drive Test Route. These items contribute towards the score for the test stages. The task assessment items are:



Gap Selection

Speed Choice

Following Distance

Lateral Position

Parking Observation

Parking Movement

Leaving Parking

Turning Movement

Critical Errors

Drive test at VicRoads Cranbourne will be terminated straightaway if you commit more than 1 critical error in stage 1 or more than 2 critical errors in whole test. These critical errors are:

Too Slow

Fail to Look

Fail to Signal

Block Pedestrian Crosswalk

Mount Kerb


Incomplete Stop

Illegal Action

Immediate Termination Errors

If you commit an immediate termination error, your drive test will be terminated straightway. These immediate termination errors are:


Disobey Direction


Fail to Give Way

Excessive Speed

Stop at Dangerous Position

Fail to Stop

Dangerous Action

If you booked your Drive Test at VicRoads Cranbourne, Please call