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VicRoads Frankston

VicRoads Frankston is one of the major LTC in Victoria. VicRoads Frankston can provide licence testing by prior appointment only. It is a regular customer service centre that provides all services including conducting Drive tests. 


71 Hartnett Dr


Victoria 3198

Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday

Drive Test on Drive Test Routes at VicRoads Frankston

Param driving school help you to provide training and pre-exposure of the various manoeuvres at actual Drive Test Routes of VicRoads Frankston. Moreover, It helps to make your aware of the challenges which could come on your way during the real drive test day. We provide you assessment of your current driving practices. If required, we try to improve and guide you towards the path of achieving our mutual goal, which is getting your Driving Licence. You can make book your appointment by calling 0404 481 065

Drive Test Stages at VicRoads Frankston 

Drive Test involves 2 stages:

Stage 1: It involves pretty simple driving tasks. It is conducted in low risk environment.

Duration: 10 mins

After the end of stage 1, Licence testing officers asks you to find a safe place and pull over to the kerb. They calculate the scores for stage 1. If you are successful in stage 1, only then you can progress to stage 2 

Stage 2: It includes more challenging tasks. It is conducted in busy traffic atmosphere.

Duration: 20 mins

Pre-Drive Safety Check 

To start with you are required to perform Pre-Drive check before actual driving. It is to check your knowledge about vital controls of the vehicle. You have to identify following controls:


Brake Lights

Hazard (Emergency) Lights


Washer and Wipers



Front Demister

Rear Demister

Critical Errors 

Drive test will be terminated straightaway if you commit more than 1 critical error in stage 1. Or more than 2 critical errors in whole test. These critical errors are:

Too Slow

Fail to Look

Fail to Signal

Block Pedestrian Crosswalk

Mount Kerb


Incomplete Stop

Illegal Action

Immediate Termination Errors 

If you commit an immediate termination error, your drive test will be terminated straightway. These immediate termination errors are:


Disobey Direction


Fail to Give Way

Excessive Speed

Stop at Dangerous Position

Fail to Stop

Dangerous Action

NEW vaccination requirements for drive tests at VicRoads Frankston

One must be fully vaccinated for COVID (have received 2 doses of an approved vaccine) or one must provide their own negative COVID Rapid Antigen Test result from a sample taken on the day of driver or rider licence test (a photo of the negative test next to existing licence on a mobile phone is enough).

As the Victorian Government advises that getting vaccinated protects against COVID-19, helps prevent one from getting seriously ill and reduces the spread of COVID-19 to others. In addition to following public health advice, VicRoads Frankston also complies with their own COVIDSafe Plan and employment and OHS laws. Moreover, the vaccination requirements for drive test are designed to help keep workers, customers and other site visitors safe from COVID-19. Customers, patron and visitors aged 18 and over must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a medical exemption.

If you booked your Drive Test at VicRoads Frankston and need our service, Please call 


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