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VicRoads Heatherton

VicRoads Heatherton is one of the busy driving assessment sites. Apart from normal activities, it is very significant as licence testing centre in this part of Melbourne. At the moment just like most of the VicRoads offices, the major purpose of this Licence Testing Centre is to cover the Covid-19 backlog of the licence applications.

The Licence testing has been resumed in metropolitan Melbourne as the city moved to step 3 of its road map. So If you have booked your driving test at VicRoads Heatherton, and want to understand the criteria for the test and practice on the actual drive test routes please contact us.

Driving Test at VicRoads Heatherton

We train you on the VicRoads Heatherton Drive Test Routes at Param Driving School Heatherton . It gives you a pre-exposure about the challenges you will face during the actual Drive Test

Licence Conversion

At VicRoads Heatherton, Driving School assists you in the process of Overseas Licence Conversion. We know that how you feel when you are new to this place. How it feel when you are exposed to new road rules and driving practices. 

The school can also guarantee you to Pass the VicRoads Drive Test in the 1st attempt. We have extensive driver test training program along with the provision of the Mock Drive Test to ensure your success. Driver Instructors teach our Learner drivers about various types of critical errors or immediate termination errors one could make during the Drive Test and explain the protocols or criteria an applicant need to follow. During driving lessons, your local Driver Instructor teach the learner about the pre-drive check as well as the various stages of the on road drive test. The Driving School also help them to learn Three point turn and Reverse parallel parking which is one of the most important part of the on road Drive Test.

Please Call 0404 481 065

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